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ALAMTOLOGI is a new discipline that explains the connectivity of the Universe and its contents. Specific studies and discoveries have been made through its basis formula, XYZ formula.

Basically, time and energy are the two main important base systems in the formula that defines the functionality and accuracy of any disciplines that ALAMTOLOGI develops. Study of time and energy have become the core process to verify XYZ formula.

There are more than fifty topics just to explain what time factor actually is and more than sixty-two topics just to explain what energy factor actually is. Thus, evolution process of XYZ formula was not that easy.

Technically, X,Y, and Z represent specific factor in this Universe. The main idea coming to this formula is by recognising the presence of a structure. ALAMTOLOGI recognises things around the world through understanding the structure of nature. The way to understand nature and how it works is by recognising the law within the structure.

International Center Of Natural Science (ICNS) offers an all-round discipline aims to integrate the social and national unity in order to fulfill the social, education and economy development needs. The core foundation of ICNS is entirely based on the ALAMTOLOGI formula of XYZ.

The establishment of ICNS as a collection center, development and dissemination of knowledge, research and technological development with the subsequent implementation that are more efficient and practical.

The theoretical and practical application of the continuous learning will directly provide students the skills, speed, efficiency, creativity and thoroughness in order to become employees, designers, developers, and researchers who could produce high quality products or services.




1. To be an education center for the knowledge of ALAMTOLOGI.

2. To provide guidance and trainings in the basic knowledge of ALAMTOLOGI.

3. To implement the development and expansion of knowledge in ALAMTOLOGI based on XYZ formula.


To develop an intelligent and harmonic community around the world.

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